Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday's Sewing

Bag for my friend's birthday present - made out of Amy Butler fabrics from "Quilting in No Time" by Emma Hardy.  And this really is the last one of these I am going to make for a while!

Borders for my sewing class quilt - the teacher picked out the green, it looks a little bright to me at the moment but I am sure it will grow on me when I add the rest.

I got a walking foot for my machine and I can't believe how much easier it makes quilting.  I still have to work out how I can mark my quilt as the masking tape didn't work.  For this one I just eyeballed it and hoped for the best.  It's a practice one anyway - it's going to be a doll quilt for my neice.

Little Windows

I really enjoyed my class yesterday with Jan at Country Threads in Bath - I was quite slow but these are the blocks I got made.  It was much smaller piecing than I am used to with the smallest piece being 1.5" x 2.5"!

I haven't decided whether I will keep each set of 4 together like this or mix it up a bit more.  I think I will wait until I have all the blocks made before deciding.

The scissors are my favourite!

Friday, 29 January 2010

I am off to another Patchwork Class tomorrow called "Little Windows".  These are the fabrics I have selected.

Thursday's Patchwork Class

This is what I got done in my Patchwork Class tonight - and some fabrics picked out for the next step - borders!

And to continue on my theme of collecting sewing related fabrics - look what fell into my shopping basket from the sale bucket.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I was in London at the weekend and visited Liberty which is the absolute fabric mecca.  I didn't buy anything but spent a very long time (according to my husband) looking at and stroking fabric!

I did buy a Walking Foot for my machine in John Lewis though so hopefully I can try out some straight line quilting soon.

I also visited Tikki Patchwork and picked up these 2 fabrics.  I have just realised that sub consciously I have been buying fabrics with a sewing theme!

The Fabric Diet is going well - 2 more pounds lost (just as well really at the rate I am buying fabric!)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Funky Fabric Buying

My class last night was great fun - I met some lovely people and I can't wait to work on my quilt for the class.  Just as well really as I have homework to do for it!  While I was at the shop I couldn't resist buying some new fabrics of course . . . .

These to go with the quilt for the class.

These Michael Miller prints because I love them and think they look very funky.  I have no idea how to use them so the pattern isn't lost!

These to add to my stash of pink fabrics as I may make some baby girl presents.

And this simply because I couldn't resist!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

First Patchwork Class

I'm off to my first patchwork class tonight at Millie Moon.  The price of the class included 8 fat quarters and this is my selection.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Baby Boy Play Mat

I finished the top for this Baby Boy Play Mat.  The pattern again came from "Quilting in No Time" by Emma Hardy.  The only problem I had was the book allows for a 1/2 inch seam allowance whereas I (and my 1/4 inch sewing machine foot) are used to 1/4 inch seams!

The "Fabric Diet" is going well too - another 2lbs lost which equals £20 to spend on stash!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday's Sewing

Another Sunday where I didn't leave the house and another productive day of sewing!  I have been working on my friend's bag for her birthday. 

I finished the blocks for my Piece of Cake quilt.  Just as well too as Camille has just posted the next one in the series. The blocks came together so easily and I love the colour combinations in Sweet.  Now I just need to decide on a lay out and pick the fabrics for the borders. 

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Silent Saturday

Fabric Diet (with a twist!)

Now I know a lot of the bloggers are talking about going on Fabric Diets in January and so am I but mine has a twist!  I am going on an actual diet - I've joined WeightWatchers and as an incentive for every 1 lb I lose I can spend £10 on fabric.  If I haven't lost the weight, I can't buy the fabric.  The other advantage is sewing in the evenings means I can't pick at food!  This week was my first week and I lost 3.5 lbs which equals £35 to spend on fabric.

Now I know I said before Christmas that I didn't want to make another of these bags but my friend kept admiring mine and all the others I was making.  It's her birthday this month so I picked up these fabrics to make her a bag!

This was on sale so I had to have it!  I also picked up some iron on interfacing, buttons and tie for the bag as well as the latest issue of Sew Hip!  I love all the ideas in there.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

9 Patch a Day

I think I have mentionned before that it was AmandaJean's blog Crazy Mom Quilts that first inspired me to start patchwork and quilting.  She had an idea for a Nine Patch Quilt Along.  Basically the idea was that you made one 9 patch a day and after 90 days you had enough to make into a quilt.  Now I know I am way behind, Amanda Jean has run 2 of these and has since stopped blogging (sob).  But I really liked the idea of doing one a day (though with me it may be a couple every few days) and I also like the idea of using up scraps as already I am starting to build up a collection.  The top 4 are ones I made out of fabric I don't like very much just to practice the block.  I am not sure if I will use them in the actual quilt yet, I think I will see how I go.

The next 3 are my more recent ones made from scraps from the 3 bags I made before Christmas.  Can you tell I like spots?!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Piece of Cake

Camille over at Simplify had a really cool idea back in December.  Basically every month she would choose one of her lovely patterns, show it made up in a few different fabrics and offer it at a discount in her shop.  December's design was Piece of Cake and as Camille said it was perfect for beginners I hot-footed it to her shop and bought the pattern.  However with Christmas, Royal Mail, the weather it only just arrived and I am desperate to get stuck in.

I am going to use my Moda "Sweet" by Urban Chiks Layercake.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sultry Garden - Finished

This is my first quilt and I love it so much.  I know its not perfect (in fact its a long way from it) but I love so much that I made it all from scratch.

And this is it in its new hope as a throw on the sofa in our spare room / my sewing room:

Monday, 11 January 2010

Sunday's Sewing

As you can see from the photo below there is still snow here.  I didn't leave the house but it meant that I had a really fun and productive weekend's sewing.  I finished the borders on the Baby Girl Coin Quilt.  The coins that look solid brown and solid green aren't as solid in "real life", they have some texture in them.  I am going to use the same stripey binding that I bought for my other quilt

I really like this quilt - I don't know if I will be able to bring myself to give it away!  I am going to hold off on quilting it at the moment, partly because I have ordered a walking foot for my machine, partly because I don't know what way to quilt it and partly because I need to practice quilting a little more before I let myself loose on this one.

I also used the left over squares from the Sultry Layercake to make this doll quilt for my neice, it was supposed to be part of her Christmas present but I ran out of time so its going to be an Easter gift.  I thought it would be a good way of practicing matching up seams and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I also finished the binding on my Sultry Garden quilt - pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 January 2010